Having Diane as my coach has helped my personal and corporate growth. With her help, I have gained a better understanding of how others perceive me. I am more open-minded and tactful in discussions with my managers and co-workers. She helped me understand that my direct approach can be viewed as confrontational by others. Above all else, she has been involved in transforming me from a manager to a leader.”

–Carl L., General Manager at Snavely Forest Products

“I achieved more than I had planned for and actually more than I realized. One of my coaches’ greatest strengths was her ability to sense what was going on with me on a personal level which affected me professionally. It’s been an extremely rewarding and positive experience”

–Brenda F., SPHR, UACJ Metal Components North America

“I started with Top Performance Results, LLC by taking my DISC assessment and then knew there was so much more to learn from Diane! I have been working with her for four months now and I have learned more about sales than I ever imagined. I am able to turn to Diane when I have simple or complex questions dealing with my clients, my business and how to make both succeed. She has been so much more than an executive coach and I can’t imagine growing my business without her in my corner!”

–Nina M., Owner, My Favorite Sweet Shoppe

“In my tenured corporate sales career, I have been DiSC assessed on multiple occasions. Understanding my communication style was OK, but it was not until I was taught how to adapt my style to meet the style of others that I understood I was sitting on a goldmine! When I began to make these changes in my day-to-day business dealings, my sales results began to increase. My prospects and customers felt that I “Understood Their Needs” and would even refer me to others! Gaining this skill made dealing with my co-workers easier also. When you understand how the person you work with takes in information and makes decisions, it eliminates unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings so the workplace becomes more productive and promotes a positive work environment.”

—Lisa D., Out-Sourced Sales Manager

“Mace Property Management engaged Diane Lazarowicz with Top Performance Results, LLC for a workshop with my employees and management. Diane came in with a very organized plan and implemented it exceedingly well. My employees as well as management felt they had a better knowledge of team support along with a better outlook on their own personal personalities. There is no doubt that Diane made a significant impact on my team.”

–Paula D., Owner, Mace Property Management

“I took the Sales Strategy Program with Diane to help improve my closing ratio as a face-to-face salesperson. The impact to my business was immediate. I am now able to quickly identify a potential client’s DiSC style and adapt my presentation accordingly. After only a few short months, I am having better client interactions and have seen an increase in my closing percentage. I would highly recommend Diane at Top Performance Results, LLC to anyone who is looking to improve their sales business.”

—Erik M., Financial Services Professional, NYLIFE Securities, LLC

Diane is an engaging speaker with excellent content and great stories that make an impact!”

—Kim M., National Sales Director

“I wasn’t going to come to this workshop today because of the bad weather. But, something made me get dressed and go. I now understand why I was directed here. I needed to hear your message. This has changed my life.”