Professional Speaker

Are you looking for a speaker for your next annual conference, leadership or sales retreat? I specialize in helping companies grow the leadership skills of their leaders in a positive, engaging, and actionable way. 

I am an award-winning executive coach, speaker, author and President of Top Performance Results, LLC – an executive coaching and leadership firm that helps individuals and entrepreneurs thrive as leaders.

As a professional speaker and facilitator, I engage my audiences with my authentic, high-spirited enthusiasm that is truly a “must see.”


Speaking Topics

Leading from Within

In this two or four-hour workshop we will explore the origin of who we are as individuals. This sort of self-analysis is the foundation of leadership. Once we understand the core of who we are, our leadership skills becomes more inner-driven and aligned for success. For many, this is an eye-opening experience and the first step toward becoming an effective leader. This program is interactive with many opportunities for self-reflection and growth. Participants will gain focus and clarification about what drives them as leaders.
During the live session, your group will:

  • Identify core values used to make decisions, define integrity and ethics
  • Define Personal Vision Statement
  • Create Leadership Development Plan
  • Understand Smart Goals
  • Develop an action plan for growth

Are You Alienating Your Prospects?

This program is ideal for: 

Sales Managers
Sales Teams
Sales Professionals
Do you sell the same way to all of your prospects? If your answer is yes, you are not alone and likely losing 50%-75% of your closed sales!

In this highly interactive six to eight-hour sales strategy workshop, you will learn how you are unintentionally alienating your prospects and losing sales. You will learn how to identify each of the four behavior styles and understand how to sell to each one of them.

This workshop is not about sales scripts and old-fashioned techniques. You will learn to understand people, their needs, and how they want to be sold to. This program has been proven to increase the effectiveness of anyone in a sales role.

Participants will learn how to:

Identify your buyer’s behavior style
Adapt your sales style to the buyers
Apply specific tactics to lead the buyer to the close
Manage the buyer’s expectations
Achieve success with your opposite behavior style
Practice a common language within your sales organization to improve internal and external communication
Develop an action plan for selling to each of the four behavioral styles.

Who Controls Your Confidence?

In this one-hour keynote or four-hour workshop, we explore our level of confidence and the impact it has on our success. We will learn how we often sabotage our confidence when we are led by our past, our fears and limiting beliefs. Once we recognize how we are contributing to our lack of confidence, we learn how to stop old habits and adopt new and confident behaviors. This program is interactive with many opportunities for self-reflection and growth. Most gain focus and clarity about what drives their confidence level and how to handle the obstacles that sabotage them. Participants also enjoy a sense of empowerment that comes from recognizing they are in control of their own confidence. Discover Your Confidence Level Assessment Understanding Confidence Identify the Confidence Crushers Change Existing Habits Adopt Confident Behavior Communicate With Confidence Develop Your Confidence Action Plan

Managing Emotions In The Workplace

In this one-hour keynote or four-hour workshop, we explore how emotions affect communication in the workplace. By managing our emotions, personal relationships are improved, leadership skills grow, and we are better role models for the people we lead. This interactive workshop is broken down into three sections: self-awareness, self-management and social awareness. The first section introduces emotions and encourages participants to connect with their feelings. Section two discusses self-management and offers solutions for managing stress, anger and other emotion-related triggers. The final section discusses the social skills leaders need to build genuine relationships and strong cultures. This workshop includes a variety of activities, questionnaires, and group exercises to help participants stay engaged and comfortable with the subject matter. Participants will learn to: Understand Emotions See How Emotions Can Damage the Workplace Identify and Manage Emotional Triggers Develop Socially Acceptable Leadership Behaviors Prepare an Emotions Management Action Plan