Sales Program

Are You Alienating Your Prospects?

Do you sell the same way to all of your prospects? If your answer is “yes,” you are not alone and are likely losing 50%-75% of your closed business!

“How,” you ask? Let us look at the experience James had with XYZ Copy Service.

For ten years, James had been a loyal customer of XYZ Copy Service. Generally, he had been pleased with their service and planned to renew his service contract. When the salesperson for the copier company arrived, he was obnoxiously cheery. He talked a mile a minute and asked questions about every picture and trophy in the office. Finally, when it was time to discuss the new contract, he simply handed it to James expecting a quick signature.

James wanted to understand the numerical details of the contract. He had several questions about increasing fees, wear and tear on the copier drum, and ink costs. Though the sales rep provided some of these details, James wanted more of a spreadsheet so he could analyze the details more thoroughly.

The sales rep, though competent, did not understand James’s desire for detail and just expected him to sign the contract. Ultimately, James did not sign it, and XYZ company lost the account.

Recognize and Adapt to the Customer’s Buying Style

Everyone has a distinct communication style in the sales process. Some want to move quickly, others want to build rapport, some want details, and others want to build trust. By failing to understand the needs of the buyer, communication can break down, and the sale can fall apart.

Salespeople are prone to fail if:

  • They Approach Every Sales Situation the Same Way
  • The Buyer Is the Opposite Behavioral Style than the Salesperson

Top Performance Results, LLC understands the value of effective communication in the sales process and teaches salespeople how to connect with their customers better.

The Sales Strategy Program is an interactive, six to eight-hour program focused on achieving the outcomes you want from your sales team. This program has been proven to increase the effectiveness of anyone in a sales role.

Participants will learn how to: 
  • Identify the Buyer’s Behavior Style
  • Adapt Your Sales Style to the Buyer's Behavioral Style
  • Apply Specific Tactics to Lead the Buyer to the Close
  • Manage the Buyer’s Expectations
  • Achieve Success with Your Opposite Behavior Style
  • Develop an Action Plan for Selling to Each of the Four Behavioral Styles
  • Practice a Common Language within Your Sales Organization to Improve Internal and External Communication

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