Leadership Program

Top Performance Results, LLC offers a series of leadership development programs giving participants the opportunity to gain knowledge of leadership fundamentals and practice effective leadership skills through a variety of exercises and activities. Each program is six hours long and can be completed at your location or ours. The maximum number of participants per program is limited to twelve in order to provide an adequate amount of personalized instruction. If you are looking for a professional development opportunity that offers the right balance between self-awareness and skill development, this program is for you. Note that the “Leading from Within” program must be taken first before any of the other programs can be taken. Once complete, we recommend you take the rest of the programs sequentially. However, you may take the other four programs in any order.

Leading from Within

In this workshop, we will explore the origin of who we are as individuals. This sort of self-analysis is the foundation of leadership. Once we understand the core of who we are, our leadership skills become more inner-driven and aligned for success. For many, this is an eye-opening experience and the first step toward becoming an effective leader.

This program is interactive with many opportunities for self-reflection and growth. Participants will gain focus and clarification about what drives them as leaders. Note that this program is a prerequisite for moving forward in the leadership series.

During the session, your group will:

  • Identify Core Values Used to Make Decisions, Define Integrity and Ethics
  • Define Personal Vision Statement
  • Create a Leadership Development Plan
  • Understand Smart Goals
  • Develop an Action Plan for Growth

Who Am I as a Leader?

“Who Am I as a Leader” continues with the theme of self-exploration. This program allows participants to discover how their behavioral and leadership style affects others. In addition, participants will learn how emotions play a role in leadership behavior. This, too, is an eye-opening experience and the next phase in our leadership journey. Prerequisite: Leading from Within

During this program, participants will explore:

  • The Leader’s Character
  • Leading Vs. Managing
  • How Your Behavioral Style Affects Your Ability to Lead
  • Leadership Styles
  • Emotional Intelligence

The Work of Leaders

This program, “The Work of Leaders,” is based on the best practices of leaders and connects unique leadership styles to real-world demands, generating powerful conversations that provide a clear path to action. The work that leaders do–the work that really matters–is boiled down into three areas: crafting a vision, building alignment, and championing execution.

In this program, participants explore these areas and assess how they rank against best practices. “The Work of Leaders” encourages leaders to understand their own leadership styles and how their style impacts their effectiveness. Prerequisite: Leading from Within

During this program, participants will explore:

  • Building and Articulating Vision
  • Building Alignment
  • Execution

Leading Oneself in Order to Lead Others

The next program in the leadership series is “Leading Oneself in Order to Lead Others.” One cannot lead others successfully if their personal skills are not up to par. This program examines the skills that individuals must master to grow effectively as leaders. Prerequisite: Leading from Within

During this program, participants will explore:

  • Time Mastery
  • Managing Conflict
  • Negotiation
  • Managing Change
  • Delegation

Communicating Like a Leader

The final program in this series centers on a core leadership function: communication. These skills do not always come easily for leaders and must be practiced consistently. In this program, we will practice becoming better communicators. Prerequisite: Leading from Within

In this program, participants will explore:

  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Empathetic, Authentic Listening
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Feedback
  • Communicating across Multiple Generations
  • Managing Difficult Conversations

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