Business Coaching for

You Just Completed Your Coach Training, "Now What?"

Coaches become coaches because they want to help others.  They are skilled in their craft and want to jump right in, often ignoring the “business” side of coaching which is not taught in many coaching programs.  By ignoring the business side, they are set up for failure and quickly lose confidence in developing their practice. 

This is why Top Performance Results, LLC will now be offering Business Coaching for Coaches.  We need more coaches in our world to complete their mission of serving others.  We want to be part of your journey and success as you embark on helping others become the best version of themselves.   

If this sounds like the part of building your coaching practice you have been struggling with, you have come to the right place.  Not only will there be coaching resources available here, but you should be able to find some tips to help you with your success.  And, of course, if you would like to work one on one, that option is always available too.  To learn more about our coaching program, click the button below to schedule a call.


  • Are You Ready To Be An Entrepreneur
  • Prepare for a New Career
  • Gain Clarity, Confidence, and Focus
  • Your Personal Brand
  • Target Market - Niches or Not
  • Strategies for Effective Marketing
  • I Have To Do What? - Sales!
  • How Do I Communicate My Value?
  • Managing Yourself and Time
  • All About the Financials
  • Hit the Ground Running

Business Coaching is an investment in your Success!

Contact us or call 724-264-7500 to learn more about how Business Coaching can help you grow your coaching business.